Who will build the US high-speed rail?

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I have taken efforts to translate the following article about the US high-speed rail into English. This article is pretty long and I have only translated it in part for showing the content of the report in which was carried in a Hong Kong based Chinese weekly magazine 《Asian NewsweekYZZK 亞洲周刊.

Speaking frankly, I have not found any further or similar reports in the western press. I googled under the question “Who will build the US high-speed rail” and found no precise and trustworthy reports to confirm what YZZK has reported.

Does anyone of you know anything about it from the English press and may I ask for your kindly help to send me a link?

《Asian NewsweekYZZK 亞洲周刊二十四卷五十一期 (2010-12-26)

Chinese high-speed rail is running officially toward the U.S. market. December 7, General Electric Company (GE) announced having signed a cooperation agreement with China South Locomotive Co., Ltd. (CSR). Under this agreement a joint venture will be established in the United States. The aim of the joint venture is to promote Chinese high-speed rail development in the U.S. China has already reached the preliminary agreement with the State of California and the General Electric in California to provide technology, equipment, engineering and technical personnel as well as partial funding for construction of high-speed rail.

The two companies GE and CSR will manufacture high-speed train in the United States for the future U.S. high-speed rail system. This operation combines both the strengths of the United States and China that has surprised Japan, South Korea and Australia and has aroused attention from various corners. U.S. GE Group's transportation system has more than a century of history. CSR is the largest manufacturer of rail transportation in China. The joint venture is the very first manufacturer for providing U.S. state of Florida and California with high-speed rail technology.

It is said that the bilateral cooperation will bring fifty million U.S. dollars investment into the joint venture. The joint venture of GE and CSR is focusing on improvement of the US technology in the U.S. high-speed rail project. The assembling all related equipments of the high-speed rail will be carried out in the United States. The president of China South Locomotive, Mr. Xiaogang Zhao said: “China South Locomotive has extensive experiences in developing and applying high-/medium-speed EMU as well as in the field of urban rail transportation equipment. And GE has advanced manufacturing and management capabilities of supply chain in the region of Pan American. Moreover, GE has a thorough understanding of the U.S. railway market. The cooperation of the two sides will establish a technology leader of the rail transportation equipment in the U.S.




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